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Pros and Cons of Aerator Rental in the USA

Many people and even whole companies often consider renting equipment. Today, we’ll talk about aerator rental and define its pros and cons. Let’s discover the main advantages of renting this equipment instead of buying it. However, we’ll honestly review the drawbacks to this choice, too.

The advantages of aerator rentals

First of all, let’s start on a positive note. It’s convenient to rent such equipment because you won’t have to pay the whole price for the aerator you won’t use ever again. Rental usually costs a fraction of the price and can save you a lot if you need it only once. This benefit is appealing both to individuals doing home repairs and businesses that want to cut their spending.

Another advantage worth mentioning is the lack of maintenance costs. You get the tools, e.g. aerator, use it, and return to the service company. As long as you return it in working conditions, there won’t be any extra payments, needs to clean it, fix it, etc.

What’s more, you can get more advanced and luxurious model compared to the ones you’d buy. Let’s imagine you decide to buy an aerator and you already know you’ll use it once. In such a situation, most people won’t opt for the high-end model that costs a lump sum of money. They’ll prefer something more affordable as long as it can survive this one time. Renting, on the other hand, will probably even less expensive than the cheapest aerator. Yet, you’ll be able to pick some modern models that are simple and convenient.

Finally, there is no need to waste storage space on the aerator. Since you return it, your garage won’t be filled with all this equipment you’ll never use again.

The disadvantages of renting an aerator

On the other hand, there are cases when buying aerator is better than renting it. For instance, people and companies, that plan on using it often, will find it more cost-effective to buy such equipment once and use it regularly.

Another drawback one can find is the possibility of breaking the tool. You’ll end up paying more than you’ve planned. That’s why you’d better assess all the risks before making any decisions.

Most rentals ask for cash deposits or payments in advance. This is inconvenient for many people and causes extra stress.

Long-term rent can also be too expensive and cost almost as much as the aerator itself. In such cases, some people will find it to be more convenient to buy the needed aerator, use it for as long as needed, and then resell it to get some money back.

Sometimes renting an aerator can have certain restrictions or other peculiarities you don’t like.

The bottom line

All in all, there are different situations when you need an aerator. This is why there are different answers to the question of whether it’s better to rent or buy an aerator. Now you know all the pros and cons of the rental.