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PC Matic: Malware Protection and Scanning Options

There are 3 criteria PC Matic is best for. Firstly, it’s great for outdated PCs. If you still have Windows XP, it’s likely to be an option. Finally, when you look for a universal program, you are likely to come across this antivirus. It combines antivirus with optimization tools to help deliver great PC performance. Let’s take a closer look at such aspects as malware protection and scanning options.

Top 3 Things You Should Know Beforehand

PC Matic is not only an antivirus program. It’s a combo of utilities that boost your device’s performance. As soon as you take a closer look at the review of PC Matic antivirus in 2020, you’ll notice that it’s unique in more than one way.

The software also comes with several extras. They include AdBlocker which is a well-known simple tool to hide the ads from the sites you visit. It has a maintenance tool which:

  • Deletes junk files,
  • Performs defragmentation,
  • Updates the programs,
  • Optimizes the device,
  • Cleans the registry,
  • Fixes software glitches, etc.

The program works on every Windows-running device even when it’s as outdated as the XP version. Moreover, it now has complete Android support. This allows you installing it to Android-running smartphones and tablets.

The Peculiarities of Malware Protection

PC Matic is based on whitelisting – a new approach that is based on the contrary to alternatives. A new algorithm detects threats that imply the existence of a harmless list of apps. The rest is treated as dangerous and blocked. Other antivirus developers base software on a different principle. They have blacklists of known malware.

Its protection also differs in other ways. The unknown files go to the research team which defines whether the file is whitelisted or not within 24 hours. That’s why if a scan shows you certain blocked unidentified threats, you should check the outcome the following day. You are certain to notice that those files were labeled.

While this approach is interesting and potentially promising, a huge drawback is a manual verification for certain programs is needed.

Speaking of malware protection, you can observe here other technologies. PC Matic has the Fileless Script Block tool as an exclusive agent that was created to detect potentially harmful scripting activity. Furthermore, there is the RDP Control that protects your RDP ports.

Scanning Options

You must have noticed by now that PC Matic is not the usual antivirus. Therefore, scanning options are untraditional as well. Let’s get to know more about it using the following example.

The “traditional” antivirus software runs specific tests (a quick scan, a folder scan, etc.) that recognize malware and removes it.

PC Matic delivers you the fullest scan that implies much more than dealing with malware. Your program also performs disk defragmentation, fixes performance glitches, and removes malware. At the very beginning, the device runs the diagnostics to make a list of things it needs to attend.

As a result, you see that PC Matic full scan covers performance, security, maintenance, and stability. Together, they take good care of your PC. After that, you’ll receive a complete report. The failed tests will be colored red, the skipped ones will be grey, etc. The best, of course, will be green. It stated that your device performed excellently. You can come across yellow, blue, purple colored tests along with the tips on how to react and resolve the issue.

In case you don’t want to perform this kind of full test, you can still set up a malware scan separately. Before you start the scan, simply uncheck the options you don’t need at the moment.