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High Quality Helium Tank Rental in 2020

Do you plan to host a party? Are you looking for special floating balloons as decorations? You will need a helium tank rental. Regardless of the party you plan, wedding, birthday, or a themed gathering, floating balloons can be one of the best solutions. In case you don’t hire specialists who will do everything instead of you, a helium tank rental is an essential element. However, many people wonder if it’s better to buy it than to rent it. Let’s discuss and find out.

A general overview

You probably know about the disposable helium tanks. Yet, if you plan on having lots of balloons, this won’t be enough. In such cases, it’s better to rent a bigger one.

Rent tanks also come in a selection of sizes. The smallest one will be enough for about 50 balloons. The biggest tank may handle over 500 of them. There are probably 4 or 5 different sizes to pick from. The rent will also vary based on the capacity. You should expect the rental to cost you $40 to $250.

Keep in mind, that the rental requires a cash deposit. As a rule, the sum is between $100 and $200. You’ll get the money back once you return the helium tank in working condition.

Useful tips you should know beforehand

  • It’s better to find out about the pressure gauge, nozzle, and valve. Sometimes they arrive with the tank rental, while in other situations a person has to get them separately. In case they come as a part of the bundle, you must find out of the nozzle type is suitable for your occasion.
  • Rental tanks might also have different designs. If you plan on carrying it in the house, you should get a cylinder dolly. This is a cart designed for helium tanks. While it will definitely be an additional charge, the tool can come in handy.
  • Find out if the tank rental company will deliver you the tank or you need to pick it up yourself.
  • Remember the time you need to return it lest you get charged extra.

Why is it better to rent a helium tank than to buy it?

Well, let’s start by saying that the question doesn’t have a unified answer. A lot depends on a particular situation. In case you do balloon decorations for a living, the purchase is a more reasonable solution. This way you’ll be able to keep more profit to yourself.

Those who don’t usually deal with balloons and won’t plan on repeating the decorations of such kind simply don’t need to buy the tank. Firstly, because the tank itself is expensive. Secondly, you’ll have to store it somewhere. Lots of inconveniences. So, it seems more reasonable to rent the tank, use the helium, have a great party, and return the empty tank. Or you may hire people who offer such services and can decorate your house, room, etc. for the occasion.