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Electrostatic Paint Sprayer Rental Services

Are you still deciding whether to get paint sprayer rental or buy the equipment? Each solution has certain advantages and drawbacks. Let’s discuss the peculiarities of the rental services to help you decide.

A general overview of what to expect with a rental

There are plenty of cases when renting a paint sprayer is much better and affordable. For instance, in case you are 100% sure you won’t need the equipment ever again, there is no point buying it. You may also work on a small project that needs a sprayer. This also doesn’t seem too big of a reason to purchase the paint sprayer.

That’s why you should think about your particular situation and define of you need to rent or buy the device.

The advantages of renting the tools

One of the main rental advantages is a chance to get higher quality. Surprised? In fact, when you plan to rent the sprayer, you are likely to pick much more advanced models than you’d probably pick during a purchase. It’ll still be more affordable.

Some rentals offer only high-end and expensive equipment. Just could rent a luxurious car on vacation, you may affordably get the best paint sprayers without spending too much money. The models you get cost thousands of dollars but renting them will cost you a fraction of the sum.

Other advantages include:

  • An opportunity to get any tools you need much cheaper;
  • An ability to choose the most suitable model for your needs and goals.

The most popular go-to place for such equipment will be the Home Depot. However, plenty of other companies offer similar services. Just google for the nearest ones in your area and study the reviews.

The disadvantages of renting the paint sprayers

On the contrary, some people won’t find it helpful. This usually implies homeowners who often need such equipment. If you also plan on using sprayers often, it’s better to buy things once and keep using them for long. Yet, be ready to pay a big sum of money at once.

Renting peculiarities to be aware of

There are plenty of factors you need to know before you rent the equipment. First of all, the rental cost depends on numerous factors. While the prices vary based on the company, you’ll end up paying from $40 to $120 per day. Another aspect that influences this price tag is the price of the spray system. The top manufacturers offer expensive goods and rentals charge more for them. The rental duration will impact the final check, too.

The verdict

Now you know who should rent electrostatic paint sprayer and who’d better buy this system. There is not a single answer for everyone. A lot depends on the size of the project and the goals. Take into account the tips you now know to make the best decision and finish your housework with the fanciest outcome.

Hopefully, this information brought you some insights and you can now move on to the next stage of your painting project.