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Bankers, attorneys, and investors utilize VDRs to aid due diligence during mergers and acquisitions, loan syndications, licensing, private equity, and venture capital transactions. Trade secrets, intellectual property, medical data, and other sensitive data may be securely kept and shared with approved clients, partners, and stakeholders.

Overview of Virtual Data Room Software

The VDR software keeps track of who is accessing the papers. The analysis of a buyer’s interaction might be used to improve transactions or seek new business possibilities. This data also aids management in understanding what their internal personnel are working on and the project’s status.

AI tools are increasingly being used as part of a VDR to speed up document research, organization, and analysis.

The data is frequently saved on cloud servers. VDRs should not be confused with File Sharing Services, which lack the security and analytics capabilities of VDRs.

VDR services can incorporate digital rights management capabilities.

Products with the Best Virtual Data Room Reviews

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Box is a cloud-based content management system that caters to both individuals and organizations.


M-Files is a company that specializes in information management. Knowledge workers can discover the correct information in any context, automate business processes, and enforce information control with the M-Files metadata-driven document management platform. This aids firms in providing better service…

DocSend, from Dropbox

DocSend is a secure file and document sharing service that provides users with statistics and control over transmitted documents, such as who opens them, who forwards them, and how long they spend on each page. At any point, users can disable access, establish a password, or set an expiration date.


DealRoom, based in Chicago, offers its flagship application to support due diligence in data exchange related to deals between organizations and entities (particularly mergers and acquisitions) with automation, risk detection via request tracking, and easy document location, all under the auspices of the SEC.

SecureDocs Virtual Data Room

SecureDocs, situated in Goleta, California, provides its Virtual Data Room as a deal room and safe corporate document vault, with permission-based user roles and other user-friendly features that don’t compromise security.


Advanced contract management, board management, entity administration, eSignatures, and virtual data rooms are all possible with secure corporate governance software (VDR). Contracts that can be saved and found with automated reminders Meeting materials are securely shared, and minutes are signed online. 


Datasite (previously Merrill Corporation), based in Minneapolis, offers a virtual data room for mergers and acquisitions.


Digify, based in San Francisco, offers an electronic document security solution with a virtual data room that includes digital rights management, access restrictions (including revocation), passkey encryption, and other features to ensure safe and secure file sharing and collaboration.


Onehub is a file storage and sharing solution designed for companies of all sizes. With safe online document sharing and collaboration.